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The Kabanes, glamping with sea view

Enjoy your stay on the Pink Granite Coast to rent one of our Kabanes

Our Kabanes are built of wood and enjoy a beautiful view of the bay of Penvern and the legendary island of Aval.


We offer 2 models:

Kabane “Corbeau”: with an area of 16.5m2

Kabane “Renard”: with an area of 14.9m2


Please note: Karavanes do not have toilets, sinks or sinks. The toilet block is nearby and will offer you all the space and comfort.

KABANE "RENARD" - 16,5m2 - 2 to 3 persons

The Kabane “Fox” takes its name from an island in the archipelago of Île-Grande. Located to the west of the island, it is known to local fishermen for its …


KABANE "CORBEAU" - 14,9m2 - 2 to 3 persons

The Kabane “Raven” takes its name from a well-known rock of Île-Grande, the Raven. So it is not the fable of Le Fontaine that inspired us the names of the Kabanes, but the islands, islets and emlbematic rocks of the Coast of Pink Granite.