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Activities & Leisure

On the Pink Granite Coast

Between land and sea, there is no shortage of activities.


Depending on the tides, you can rent a stand-up paddle or a sea kayak for an hour or two, directly at the campsite, to discover Penvern Bay and its many sandy beaches from another angle.

You can also rent them for the day if you want to go on any beach of the Pink Granite Coast and enjoy stunning views of the rocky chaos.



When the sea withdraws, another world is open to you. With some of the largest ranges in Europe, the tides are spectacular in Penvern Bay. You can then go pick up shells and winkles with the children, scrape the ground to find cockles or clams, fish with a net in the ponds an so much more !



From the campsite you can enjoy beautiful walks by the sea or in the natural and wooded spaces. The complete tour of Île-Grande can be done from the beaches facing the campsite, a loop of one and a half to two hours will allow you to discover the variety of landscapes of the peninsula.



Just like the walks, from the campsite you can follow the bike-roads and greenways that pass nearby. We will be at your disposal to indicate the courses most adapted to your desires and your level. You will be able to discover sites far from the beaten track that also make the beauty of the Pink Granite Coast.



For the more sporty, the campsite is the ideal starting point for running on foot. The varied routes that can be proposed to you will make you discover the country roads and the seaside in the direction of Trébeurden, Pleumeur-Bodou or Trégastel.



To better prepare your nautical activities we recommend you to consult the tidal schedules as well as the weather forecast.




Île-Grande nautical base: located 3.6km from the campsite, the nautical base offers introductory and advanced courses as well as equipment rentals.

Cap Plongée in Trébeurden: located 3km from the campsite, the Diving Activity Centre is suitable for professionals but also for recreational diving enthusiasts.

Forum de la Mer in Trégastel: located 6.4km from the campsite, it is a unique aquatic complex with 30° heated sea water and an exceptional view of the Dé rock.

Guided tour of the archipelago of the 7 islands: The stars departing from Trégastel, Perros-Guirec and the port of Ploumana’h 9.6km from the campsite.

Surf School in Perros-Guirec: located on the beach of Trestraou 11km from the campsite, the Ponant Surf School offers introductory courses to surf and stand-up paddle.

Discovery of the reserve of the 7 Islands aboard the Sant C’hireg: Discover the nature reserve of the 7 Islands aboard an old rig from the port of Ploumana’h, 9.6 km from the campsite.

Story telling vigil in the Valley of the Traouïero: An experience to live with friends or family, venture by night with Yann and let yourself be carried by the tales and legends attached to this spectacular valley.




Milliau Island: located in Trébeurden, 5.1km from the campsite, accessible on foot from the port, you will discover more than 6,000 years of history, including a spectacular covered walkway.

La Presqu’Île Renote: located in Trégastel 8.4km from the campsite, this protected natural site will dazzle you with its granite chaos like “La Palette du Peintre”.

The Customs Trail in Perros-Guirec: 10.2km from the campsite, you can admire the postcard of the Pink Granite Coast with the Men Ruz Lighthouse and the most incredible chaos that made the reputation of Ploumanach (Favorite Village of the French in 2015).

Le Marai du Quellen: located in Trébeurden just 3.6km from the campsite, this protected natural site is unique on the Pink Granite Coast. Separated from the sea by a sand dune it is a real freshwater marsh offering a great diversity of natural habitats.

La Pointe de Bihit: located in Trébeurden, 6.5 km from the campsite, it is a point covered with gorse, ferns and heather. The promontory offers a magnificent view of Lannion Bay as far as Losquet Island (Île-Grande). Your view will extend to the Finisterian coasts!

The Menhir de Saint Uzec: located in Pleumeur-Bodou it is less than a kilometer from the campsite. This particularly impressive 5.90m high megalith was Christianized during the 17th century, the clergy to spread the Faith among the population had it overcome with a cross and its sculptures (formerly painted) represent the Passion of Christ.

The Valley of the Traouïero: located both on the communes of Trégastel and Perros-Guirec, the valley is a green setting where nature rubs shoulders with tales and legends. Between lake, rivers and granite chaos, the wonder is all along the way and who knows, maybe you will meet the korrigans!

Beach, chapel and oratory Saint Guirec: located in Ploumanac’h, 10.1km from the campsite, Saint Guirec beach is one of the must-sees of the Pink Granite Coast with its splendid view of the Costaireès Castle.   Built on a former place of worship, you can admire La Chapelle and its newly renovated Oratory, dedicated to the Welsh Saint, named Guirec, who landed at Ploumanac’h in the 7th century.

Château de Costaérès: located in the town of Trégastel, visible from the beach of Tourony 7.9km from the campsite, it is more a big manor than a castle. Built in 1892 on a rocky islet, it is entirely built in pink granite of the quarry of Clarity. It is currently owned by the German animator Dieter Hallerworden.



Village Gaulois in Pleumeur-Bodou: Live an adventure out of time just 3.3km from the campsite, in a magical place to escape, have fun and learn. For 30 years the association has been conducting a solidarity action in Africa with the funding of schools in Togo.

Vivons Perchés in Pleumeur-Bodou: 4.2km from the campsite send yourself in the air with your family! The adventure park welcomes you in a wooded natural setting and a friendly atmosphere. Courses from 1m to 17m high, accessible from 2 years, 14 courses of increasing levels await you for full sensations 100% nature and adrenaline!

Planétarium de Bretagne in Pleumeur-Bodou : 3.3km from the campsite, dream head into the stars with the Very High Definition projection on a dome of 20m in diameter and discover the secrets of the universe with sessions adapted to all audiences.

Cité des Télécoms in Pleumeur-Bodou : Leisure park dedicated to telecommunications, located 4.1km from the campsite, where young and old will discover the men and inventions that allow us to communicate. Around the Radôme, a real technological feat created in 1962 and historical monument since 2000, you will discover games, animations and exhibitions to better understand telecommunications.

Golf de Saint Samson in Pleumeur-Bodou: want a round of golf in the heart of the Pink Granite Coast? With its 18-hole course, slightly hilly, technical but accessible, you will enjoy views and identities specific to each hole. A pleasure to share with friends or family, only 4.6km from the campsite.

Aquarium Marin in Trégastel: 6.9km from the campsite and 50m from the beautiful beach of Col Port you will walk under a gigantic maze of pink granite and discover 3 distinct universes where are recreated the living environments of Breton underwater species such as sea bream, bars, seahorses, lobsters, scallops, abalone….

Bowling, Arcades, Lazer Game in Lannion: The Eclipse is an entertainment complex located 12.7km from the campsite. With its 10 bowling alleys, a playground of 400m2, an area of Lazer Game, its arcades, billiards, palets, basketball, you will find everything you need to spend a good time with friends or family Restaurant and bar on site.

Escape Game in Lannion: B.R.A.I.N Escape Game is located 11.9km from the campsite. 2 scenarios you will play a hero plunged in the heart of conspiracy theories, following in the footsteps of his missing friend. Can you face your fears to thwart the conspiracy?



La Cabane Bambou’s in Trébeurden: it’s “the place to be” in Trebeurden, a popular meeting place for night owls who want to have a drink, dance and have fun until late at night. Located on the beach of Tresmeur just 5.2km from the campsite, you will enjoy a full sea view from the terrace, in a cool and festive. Open during the day and evening, all year round.

Les Chandelles in Trébeurden: right next to the Cabane Bambou’s, it’s THE nightclub of the Pink Granit Coast! The famous nightclub is the favorite place for party-goers to end their evenings on the dance floor.

The Casino of Perros-Guirec: the Kasino on the beach of Trestraou is a place for both play and entertainment. Find classics such as slot machines, electronic blackjack, English and electronic roulettes, black jack, as well as concerts, shows and various animations.